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Personal Tech Support

Personal Tech Support

Tired of having computer questions and no one to ask?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just pick up the phone and have someone to talk to that can answer your questions simply?

Welcome to TurnerTech.

Photo Scanning

Do you have a box full of photos in your basement somewhere like everyone else?

Would you like to be able to share those photos before they fade in time?

What if there was an emergency? Could you carry them out in time after your loved ones are safe?

Waiting until it is too late doesnt make sense anymore; let me digitize your entire collection and share forgotten memories once more!

What About Old Videos?

If you have a box full of videos that you cant not watch because technology is moving faster than you are, give them to us!

We will make sure your previous memories are converted into a format you and everyone else can enjoy once more!

What About Old Videos?

Wi-Fi & Mobile Device Support

At TurnerTech, we know that things are becoming increasingly wireless, and the freedom to do what you want with your devices is a given.

Let us work with you to find not only the best wireless setup in your home, but make sure your devices are all connected properly, and don’t cause hassle for you and your loved ones when you try and use them.


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